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Friday, October 24, 2014

Zero discharge at Boekstyn Greenhouses
Photo report: Canadian growers face new high standards in water treatments
Water legislations and regulations can be a thorn in the eye of many Canadian greenhouse growers. But some growers are forward thinking by not seeing this as a threat but as a chance. One of these growers is Boekestyn in St. Catharines. During the Canadian Greenhouse Conference Bus Tour, we could.....

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Filpack now distributing smart Paskal System in France:
French growers to start trials with Growth Analysis System
Since last year, Filpack agricolehas beenserving as a distributor for Paskal’s Growth Analysis System in France. Philippe Augenie, manager of the company, spoke with Hortidaily about their new services and about Paskal’s new Growth Analysis System.The main objective of the Paskal Growth Analysis system is to.....

GGS: Good for plants, bad for zombies!
Well, here it is: the latest episode of Reggie's adventures with GGS Structures. We must say that it's quite funny! With this new Greenhouses Vs. Zombies video, the Canadian greenhouse builder GGS Structures is pulling out all the stops to become a strong contender for the HortiDaily Oscar in advertising.....

Netherlands: Reflectors cleaned after fire with new machine by Lightshine Cleaning
Last month, a fire broke out in the greenhouse of rose nursery Marjoland. In spite of grower Joop van den Nouweland’s sober view of the situation, there are many issues that need to be taken care of. One is cleaning the lamps, and the new automated cleaning machine for supplemental lighting by Lightshine.....

Horticoop introduces the ThripsSweeper
A suitable and effective solution for removing adult thrips from chrysanthemum cultivation doesn’t exist. Correction, didn’t exist. On 15 October Horticoop introduced - under the watchful eye of a group of loyal customers - its most recent innovation: the ThripsSweeper.Every chrysanthemum grower naturally.....

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Photo report : Organic greenhouse production in Belarus
Since the beginning of October more than 204 MT of tomatoes and 139 MT of cucumbers, 5 MT of peppers and 3.5 MT of eggplants have been harvested in the greenhouse complex of Minsk. Besides this, the company grows lettuce, parsley, arugula, fennel and basil. The production is available at the supermarkets of.....

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Canadian Greenhouse Conference ´14, Niagara Falls

Canadian Greenhouse Conference ´14, Niagara Falls

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British Tomato Conference 2014

British Tomato Conference 2014

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UK Tomato Working Party visits Holland 2014

UK Tomato Working Party visits Holland 2014

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GPEC 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

GPEC 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

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Cultivate '14, Columbus OH, USA

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UK: Electricity price trends summary: September 2014
This graph shows how electricity contract prices have varied over the last 12 months. It’s been a pretty stable month for energy prices. The political issues affecting gas supplies have calmed a little, weather has been mild and gas stocks are good. For full energy price trend information, see the Farm.....

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UK: Plants are fertilized by waste from fish
Students from different countries have been visiting a farm near Monmouth to learn about a sustainable way of producing food.Aquaponics combines fish farming and vegetable growing, using waste from the fish as fertiliser.A trial in the UK's first solar-powered aquaponic greenhouse is being run by TV.....

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Netherlands: Reflectors cleaned after fire with new machine by Lightshine Cleaning
Last month, a fire broke out in the greenhouse of rose nursery Marjoland. In spite of grower Joop van den Nouweland’s sober view of the situation, there are many issues that need to be taken care of. One is cleaning the lamps, and the new automated cleaning machine for supplemental lighting by Lightshine.....

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Light in color, bold in flavour
Backyard Farms puts pink tomato in the spotlight
“Pink Tomatoes?” you ask. Don’t be fooled. Beneath their pretty pink exterior, these Somerset Pink Beefsteaks are absolutely bursting with flavour, grabbing hold of your imagination and your taste buds.Somerset Pinks are the choice of the serious tomato connoisseur. They are a delicate balance of sweetness.....

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EU: Biodiversity can drive evolution in plant communities
The diversity of plant communities shapes the evolutionary trajectory of plants growing together over short time frames. This unexpected result has broad implications for the productivity of plant communities, showing that the number of species present itself drives adaptation, so that plants grown in high.....

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MARCO exhibits at PMA
Meeting global fresh produce pack house challenges
Year-round consumer demand for pre-packed fruit and fresh produce is steadily increasing and pack houses around the world are facing significant challenges to remain competitive. Marco’s Murray Hilborne spends a high percentage of his time talking with global growers and packers in order to understand their.....

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Australian Made calling to get behind 'our Aussie logo'
The Australian Made Campaign is calling on consumers to get behind ‘our Aussie logo’ – the green-and-gold kangaroo that certifies products and produce as genuinely Australian Made or Australian Grown, in a national campaign launching today.The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is the country’s only.....

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"Tests with Grodan blocks a success"
Less fusarium thanks to improved growing blocks
The use of Grodan'scapillary stone wool, in combination with higher growing blocks, ensures a lower impact of Fusarium in pepper crops. Huub Hendriks, production manager at Gipmans Plants, says that tackling Fusarium was the goal of the tests. Huub: "The tests have certainly been successful; they show that.....

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Spain: Andalusia has over 800,000 hectares of organic crops
The General Director for Quality, Agro-Food Industry and Organic Production of the Government of Andalusia, Ana Romero, stressed that the organic farming sector continues to consolidate in Andalusia, with 806,726 hectares of land devoted to these crops, representing 54% of Spain's total, and 9,931 operators,.....

Organic agriculture gaining popularity in Saudi Arabia
Organic farming was part of the agenda at the 33th international agriculture, water and agro-industry congress in Saudi Arabia. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Germany and Saudi Arabia shared a hall.At this hall, organic growers and other participants were given the opportunity to showcase their.....

Organic foods found to have less toxic cadmium than conventional crops
This summer, a large meta-study published in the British Journal of Nutrition gathered together data from hundreds of studies comparing conventional and organic crops. The authors conclude that organic foods have higher levels of antioxidants and less pesticide residue. They also find that organic crops have.....

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Humidification: Is your system ready for the season?
Before activating make sure the filters are clean, change if necessary: Check / change the pump oil: Flush the system (see manual): Check nozzles for performance. Each (standard) nozzle puts out 12 lb/hr. or 5.5 kg/hr. when performing correctly. Blockages reduce this output considerably.For more.....

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NZ: Bagged lettuce possible cause of gastro
One hundred and twenty seven people have been infected with yersinia pseudotuberculosis since it first appeared last month and 38 of them have had to be treated in hospital.Foodstuffs said it was given access to a report naming two of its two products, Pam's fresh express mesclun salad lettuce and Pam's.....

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Greenhouse growers run greater risk of developing lung disease
As growers are among those people who come in regular contact with harmful agents, they have a higher risk of developing COPD, says Dutch researcher Kim de Jong based on her study at Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen. She also identified a number of genetic variants in previously unfamiliar genes that.....

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Potential export markets for Ukrainian fruits and vegetables under new geopolitical conditions
The 11th International Conference «Fruits & Vegetables of Ukraine-2014» is being daily updated with the subjects most relevant for the fruit and vegetable market. Within two conference days, all conference participants will receive the exclusive information on the fruit and vegetable market situation and.....

US: Butterfly release celebration rewards best practices
”I almost cried. This was very moving,” remarked Wendy Hendrickson, The Garden Center Group. "I feel really good inside,” beamed Emelie McDaniel, Red Barn Garden Center, of the butterfly release celebrating the Organic Plant Magic Best Practices Award at The Garden Center Group Fall meeting.Anticipation for.....

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Produce View empowers tomato growers with information on British Tomato Conference
UK: The ins and outs of British tomato retail
Understanding the market and the retail sector is crucial in horticulture and the tomato industry is no exception. At the 2014 British Tomato Conference Mr Tim Mudge, commercial manager of Produce View, a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Growers Association, who gave a presentation about the position.....

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US (AL): Community and students get involved at aeroponic greenhouse
Students and community members can now grow plants without soil at East Campus. The Department of Human Environmental Sciences opened an aeroponic greenhouse in May where a variety of vegetables were grown.“In the summer we taught classes over there for the community,” said Jill Englett, instructor of Human.....


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