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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Photo Report : Visit to Westbrook's high end orchid facility in Canada
During theCanadian Greenhouse Conference bus tour, we were also welcomed at Westbrook Greenhouses' Plant 4 in St. Catharines. Westbrook is well known in the Canadian greenhouse industry as a grower of quality floral products, as well as an innovator and manufacturer of commercial and production.....

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Mexico: Chiapas Flower in Tapachula successfully fights Erwinia with electrolytic fertilization of copper
The Chiapas Flower company ( is located in the mountains North East of Tapachula town in the southern Chiapas province of Mexico, close to Guetamala. successfullyThe nursery is located in an area with tropical climate, but in the mountains 850 meter above sea level. The area is used for.....

First edition of the HortiDaily Buyer's Guide is now available!
We are proud to announce that the first edition of the HortiDaily Buyer's Guide has been printed! In this directory, many suppliers of advanced greenhouse structures, technology, consultancy, greenhouse supplies and much more are listed. The first buyer's guides have been distributed during the Canadian.....

"Tests with Grodan blocks a success"
Less fusarium thanks to improved growing blocks
The use of Grodan'scapillary stone wool, in combination with higher growing blocks, ensures a lower impact of Fusarium in pepper crops. Huub Hendriks, production manager at Gipmans Plants, says that tackling Fusarium was the goal of the tests. Huub: "The tests have certainly been successful; they show that.....

Greenhouse Vs. Zombies:
They Are Back! Can GGS Save Reggie Again?
Last Year GGS Structures ran a series of Greenhouse Vs. Zombie videos in which a bunch of frightening creeps attacked greenhouses and growers. If you thought that you were safe of zombie attacks this year, beware! This year something new is coming…

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New rope machine available at Steenks
At Steenks a new ropemachine has been added to the assortment. Besides the existing model that is operated with a switch, a new model has been introduced. This model cuts the rope and directly launches a new rope. “From the beginning of this year, this model could not be delivered”, says Sander Zuidgeest.....

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Canadian Greenhouse Conference ´14, Niagara Falls

Canadian Greenhouse Conference ´14, Niagara Falls

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British Tomato Conference 2014

British Tomato Conference 2014

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UK Tomato Working Party visits Holland 2014

UK Tomato Working Party visits Holland 2014

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GPEC 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

GPEC 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

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Cultivate '14, Columbus OH, USA

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UK: Electricity price trends summary: September 2014
This graph shows how electricity contract prices have varied over the last 12 months. It’s been a pretty stable month for energy prices. The political issues affecting gas supplies have calmed a little, weather has been mild and gas stocks are good. For full energy price trend information, see the Farm.....

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UK: Plants are fertilized by waste from fish
Students from different countries have been visiting a farm near Monmouth to learn about a sustainable way of producing food.Aquaponics combines fish farming and vegetable growing, using waste from the fish as fertiliser.A trial in the UK's first solar-powered aquaponic greenhouse is being run by TV.....

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Agricon boiler shipped to Preesman in Kenya
The company Agricon Horty Systems, based in Monster, the Netherlands, sells boilers worldwide. The boiler in the picture was shipped on 7 October to the Kenyan company Preesman. It is an oil-fired boiler able to produce 2,400 kg of steam per hour.Johan van der Wel, of Agricon, stated that "in about three or.....

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Cleaning greenhouses with fluoride based agents
The horticultural sector often uses a cleaning agent based on fluoride to clean glass. Fluoride chemically cleans the surface of the glass. Several minutes after application the treated glass along with the dirt is rinsed off. But this principle should not be applied to synthetic greenhouse roof coverings.In.....

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Chas Hodges on spritzing greenery with gin:
UK: Are your plants drunk enough?
Can some plants be likened to humans? And can some humans have plant-like traits? Some comparisons have been made in both cases, but how far can it go? Imagine Gardeners’ Question Time. “OK, the lady at the front in the red hat. You have a question?” “Yes I have.” “OK, love, fire away.” “OK, my name’s Maud.....

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MARCO exhibits at PMA
Meeting global fresh produce pack house challenges
Year-round consumer demand for pre-packed fruit and fresh produce is steadily increasing and pack houses around the world are facing significant challenges to remain competitive. Marco’s Murray Hilborne spends a high percentage of his time talking with global growers and packers in order to understand their.....

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Australian Made calling to get behind 'our Aussie logo'
The Australian Made Campaign is calling on consumers to get behind ‘our Aussie logo’ – the green-and-gold kangaroo that certifies products and produce as genuinely Australian Made or Australian Grown, in a national campaign launching today.The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is the country’s only.....

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"Tests with Grodan blocks a success"
Less fusarium thanks to improved growing blocks
The use of Grodan'scapillary stone wool, in combination with higher growing blocks, ensures a lower impact of Fusarium in pepper crops. Huub Hendriks, production manager at Gipmans Plants, says that tackling Fusarium was the goal of the tests. Huub: "The tests have certainly been successful; they show that.....

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NZ: Organic food gets a boost
The first organic farming pioneers weren't doing it for the dollar signs. They were doing it for healthier food.But in the last two decades, organic food has proven itself in another way - it has become one of the most consistently growing economic sectors on the planet.Public fears about toxic pesticides.....

India: Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee goes organic
The Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) has decided to promote organic farming in a big way.If the plan of the KPCC works, then at least one household in the 21,458 electoral booths in the State will soon start cultivating organic vegetables. Organic farming is being promoted as part of the.....

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Humidification: Is your system ready for the season?
Before activating make sure the filters are clean, change if necessary: Check / change the pump oil: Flush the system (see manual): Check nozzles for performance. Each (standard) nozzle puts out 12 lb/hr. or 5.5 kg/hr. when performing correctly. Blockages reduce this output considerably.For more.....

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NZ: Bagged lettuce possible cause of gastro
One hundred and twenty seven people have been infected with yersinia pseudotuberculosis since it first appeared last month and 38 of them have had to be treated in hospital.Foodstuffs said it was given access to a report naming two of its two products, Pam's fresh express mesclun salad lettuce and Pam's.....

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NZ: Food poisoning suspects to be named
A list of foods suspected of causing a painful food poisoning epidemic will be released to the public tomorrow, following continued questions from the public, the Government says.There have been 127 confirmed cases of yersinia pseudotuberculosis and 38 people have been taken to hospital because of the.....

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US (AR): Controlled Environment Agriculture for food production and environmental stewardship
The University of Arizona’s Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (CEAC) will be hosting their annual Hydroponic Greenhouse Tomato Production Intensive Course from January 4, 2014 to January 9, 2014 in Tucson, AZ. The course will have an emphasis on growing tomatoes hydroponically in a greenhouse and.....

Indoor Ag-Con goes bi-coastal in 2015 in Las Vegas and New York
Indoor Ag-Con’s focus has always been the growing of produce and raising of fish in hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic systems in warehouses, greenhouses and containers. We’re excited to announce that Indoor Ag-Con is going bi-coastal in 2015, with its 3rd Annual Indoor Agriculture Conference once more.....

Dubai: The Middle East Floral Design Excellence Award 2014
IPM DUBAI 2014 brings in a new feature whereby florists from UAE get an opportunity within the exhibition floor space to present and showcase their unique skills in individually creating a wedding table display and be honoured as "The Middle East Floral Design Excellence Award 2014“The decoration will be in.....

Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2015: Innovations drive business
Fruit Logistics exhibitors are invited to enter their innovations into the running for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA). It takes only a few minutes to fill in the application forms and be in with a chance to benefit from the massive global media coverage the ten nominated products and services.....

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Produce View empowers tomato growers with information on British Tomato Conference
UK: The ins and outs of British tomato retail
Understanding the market and the retail sector is crucial in horticulture and the tomato industry is no exception. At the 2014 British Tomato Conference Mr Tim Mudge, commercial manager of Produce View, a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Growers Association, who gave a presentation about the position.....

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US (NJ): Plant science students grow produce vertically
Officials from the state Department of Agriculture visited the agricultural science plant science class at South Hunterdon Regional High School on Sept. 26 in West Amwell and learned about its innovations with vertical produce-growing.The occasion was the fourth annual Jersey Fresh Farm to School Week, which.....


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