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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Knox Nursery:
US: Ellepots help growers, landscapers reduce costs
Knox Nursery was founded in 1962 by Jim and Nada Knox who were considered two of Florida’s bedding plant pioneers. The company has evolved into a 14-acre operation with over 700,000 square feet of greenhouse production. The company propagates young starter plants from seed and vegetative cuttings, which are.....

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Australia: Tilapia possession in Queensland can now cost $220,000
Any aquaponics grower caught using declared noxious fish, such as tilapia, in Queensland, Australia, could now be penalised up to $220,000. Aquaponics growers seeking what they think might be “cheap native fish” from a local creek to stock in their tanks, instead of fish bought from a registered nursery, are.....

Growing tough crops: Dahlias
Dahlias can be tough to grow as they are sensitive to root disease. Unlike other crops that become less sensitive to root disease once they have a well developed root system, dahlias are still very susceptible even at the end of the crop cycle. At this stage most crops can take some overwatering, so less.....

DLV trial±
Trianum combined with chemicals is more effective in combating Phytophthora
A trial carried out by Berryplaza (part of DLV Plant - Netherlands) has demonstrated that Phytophthora in strawberry crops can best be combated by using Trianum in combination with a reduced dose of chemicals. The trial was carried out in the second half of 2013, and comparisons were made with a full.....

Lambert Peat Moss continues to focus upon customers’ needs
Lambert Peat Moss Inc., founded in 1928, is one of the true Pioneers in the development of the peat moss industry in North America. The fourth generation of Lamberts is still operating from the original location at Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec, along the South shore of the St. Lawrence River. Over the years, they.....

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EU agriculture chief pledges 125 mln Euro to aid fruit, vegetable growers
European Commission announces support measures for EU perishable fruit & vegetable producersIn the context of Russian restrictions on imports of EU agricultural products and following on from last week’s Management Committee meeting discussion of the market situation, the European Commission is moving as.....

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GPEC 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

GPEC 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

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Cultivate '14, Columbus OH, USA

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Photoreport Emsflower

Photoreport Emsflower

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Gautier Seeds Tomato Trials 2014

Gautier Seeds Tomato Trials 2014

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Using the Agrifast TOM System

Using the Agrifast TOM System

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Village Farms acquires Maxim Power (B.C.) Inc. in multi-million-dollar deal
Canada: Ladner greenhouse generating electricity
A Ladner greenhouse has pulled off a multi-million-dollar deal that brings it into the electric generation business.Village Farms International announced last week it has closed on its previously announced acquisition of Maxim Power (B.C.) Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maxim Power Corp., for.....

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New water soluble fertilizer innovations
Everris will unveil the latest innovations to its water soluble fertilizer (WSF) ranges – Universol and Peters Excel – at the Four Oaks Trade Show in Cheshire next month. “As a result of increased rainwater harvesting, we are seeing rising soft water usage on UK nurseries,” says Everris marketing manager,.....

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Birchmeier introduces new hand spreader to distribute fertilizers and seeds evenly
Birchmeier, one of the leading manufacturers of spraying equipment, presents a completely innovative hand spreader to distribute fertilizer and seeds evenly and over small to medium-sized areas.Uneven and splotchy. That's what a lot of lawns look like in summer. This is because the fertilizer or seeds have.....

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Tanimura & Antle introduces new lettuce variety in honour of co-founder
Tanimura & Antle introduces a new lettuce variety, George T’s Special Colossal Romaine Heart, in honour of company co-founder George Tanimura who is celebrating his 100th year in 2014. This new seed variety combines two of George Tanimura’s favourite lettuces, Iceberg and Romaine Hearts, and offers.....
Cultilene Exact Air
"Moisture content at the bottom of the mat at 85 up to 90% with new mat"
Instead of using two consecutive stonewool layers of different density, it is possible to "seamlessly" increase the density of the stonewool from bottom to top. This technique is used in the new stonewool Cultilene Exact Air. "The 20-year-old dual density process is now a thing of the past with the advent of.....

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How plants grow and develop
How does a complete plant with stems, leafs and flowers develop from a tiny clump of seemingly identical cells? For a very long time, the mechanism of tissue formation in plants remained unclear. The biochemists from Wageningen University also would not have come up with the answer if it wasn’t for their.....

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A&B Packing Equipment partners with WECO Sorting to approach the European market
Global leader in fresh blueberry and tomato packing systems, A&B Packing Equipment announced its strategic partnership with Woodside Electronics Corporation (WECO Sorting) to approach the European market.We have a long and successful history of collaborating with WECO Sorting in North and South America.....

Marketingmore »

New trend: flower beards to promote orchids
Love it or hate it, but flower beards are here. Here’s some clever flower marketing from Mirakuleus and orchid grower Sion.According to Mirakuleus, a marketing consulting company which specialises in the floral supply chain and fresh produce business, boldly coloured flowers entwined with facial hair are.....

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Lambert Peat Moss continues to focus upon customers’ needs
Lambert Peat Moss Inc., founded in 1928, is one of the true Pioneers in the development of the peat moss industry in North America. The fourth generation of Lamberts is still operating from the original location at Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec, along the South shore of the St. Lawrence River. Over the years, they.....

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Canada: Organic food worth the hefty price tag for students?
With a greater focus on health in Vancouver, large chain supermarkets have been offering more organic foods. But how often do students actually buy organic food, especially when a cheaper conventional version is displayed right next to it?Students are faced with the decision to either spend their money on.....

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Schaefer introduces new and improved oscillating circulation fan
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment, manufacturer of ventilation and thermal comfort products, responds to the industry demand for a reliable oscillating circulation fan with Twister by Schaefer product line. Geared for performance, Twister's oscillating motor utilizes only the highest quality metal gear design.....

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Nepal records high pesticide residue in vegetables
As much as 14 percent of vegetable items being supplied in Nepal's capital Kathmadu have been detected with pesticide residue which is harmful for consumption, a state body said here Friday.A month-long laboratory test conducted by Plant Protection Directorate (PPD) under the Ministry of Agricultural.....

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Gourmet offerings lure higher-spending shoppers
Protein craze hits bagged salad market
Retailers that offer an attractive packaged salad range are more likely to attract high-spending ‘foodies’ to their stores, says Packaged Facts, citing data showing that bagged salad shoppers are much more likely to pay extra for healthier products, try out new things, seek out ‘gourmet’ options, and enjoy.....

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UK: Opportunity to see Cut Flower Centre trials
The HDC funded National Cut Flower Centre (CFC) will host another popular open day next month when it opens it doors for visitors to view the second year of a five year programme of HDC funded trials that features a combination of new product development and research on ‘mainstream’ crops.The National Cut.....

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Partnership with national design college to challenge paradigms:
AmericanHort launches initiative to explore the future of garden retail
The future of garden retail is being explored with a new initiative announced this week by AmericanHort at Cultivate’14. Over the next 12 months, the association will engage its membership and consumers in a project to explore and then identify strategies to expand garden retail. Along with the Horticultural.....


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